🎯How to play

How to Play

Welcome to the exhilarating world of RouletteBot! Engaging with our game is easy and thrilling. Follow the simple steps below to join in the excitement:

  1. Initiating a Game

    In the main Telegram chat for RouletteBot, type the command "/begin" to kick off a new round of the game. Keep in mind that only one game occurs at a time, ensuring focused excitement and action. Plus, multiple players can participate simultaneously, heightening the competitive atmosphere.

  2. Placing Bets

    Ready to place your bets? Use the command "/bet <option> <amount>" to make your predictions and potentially earn substantial rewards. Here's a breakdown of the available betting options:

    • Black - Bet on the black-colored numbers. Payout: 2x your bet.

    • Red - Bet on the red-colored numbers. Payout: 2x your bet.

    • Green - Feeling daring? Bet on the green-colored number. Payout: A remarkable 18x your bet.

    • Low (1-18) - Bet on the numbers 1 to 18. Payout: 2x your bet.

    • High (19-36) - Bet on the numbers 19 to 36. Payout: 2x your bet.

    • Even - Bet on even numbers. Payout: 2x your bet.

    • Odd - Bet on odd numbers. Payout: 2x your bet.

    • Individual Numbers (0, 00, 1-36) - Feeling particularly fortunate? Bet on specific numbers. If you hit, the payout is an astounding 36x your bet.

    ⚠️ Bets are now closed!

    Bets placed:

    • @UserName πŸ€ Bet: 5 πŸͺ™ Amount: 200

    • @UserName πŸ€ Bet: Red πŸͺ™ Amount: 1000

    • @UserName πŸ€ Bet: Low πŸͺ™ Amount: 1500

  3. Discovering the Outcome

    Once the betting window concludes, the excitement peaks as the animated video showcasing the roulette wheel's result is unveiled. Will your bets align with the spinning wheel's outcome? Await the announcement of the winners of the round, as those who correctly predicted the outcome celebrate their victories.

    Winning Results:

    • Number: 5

    • Color: Red

    • Parity: Odd

    • Hi/Lo: High

    βœ… Winners:

    • @UserNameπŸ€ Bet: 5 βœ–οΈ Multiplier: 36x πŸ’° Payout: 7200

    • @UserNameπŸ€ Bet: Red βœ–οΈ Multiplier: 2x πŸ’° Payout: 2000

    ❌ Losers:

    • @UserNameπŸ€ Bet: LowπŸͺ™ Amount: 1500

RouletteBot promises an immersive and engaging experience, blending luck and strategy in an unforgettable way. Get ready to dive into the action and put your predictions to the test. Best of luck, and let the wheel spin in your favor!

Remember, at any point, if you have inquiries or need assistance, you can refer to the FAQ section or reach out to our support team.

Ready to play? Let the games begin!

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