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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Roulette Bot?

Roulette Bot is an innovative online gaming platform where players can participate in virtual roulette games within a Telegram group. It offers an exciting and interactive experience where you can place bets and test your luck in real-time.

How do I play Roulette Bot?

To play, use the /begin command in the main Roulette Bot Telegram group. Once a game starts, you can place bets using the /bet command followed by your chosen option and amount. Explore the various betting options, from colors and numbers to ranges and more.

What are the available betting options?

You have a range of betting options, including classic colors like Black and Red, the high-stakes Green, number ranges like Low (1-18) and High (19-36), Even or Odd selections, and individual number bets. Each option has its own corresponding payout multiplier.

How are winnings calculated?

Winnings are calculated based on the betting option you choose and the corresponding payout multiplier. For example, if you bet on Black and win, your payout will be 2 times your bet amount. Check the list of betting options for their respective multipliers.

What happens after bets are closed?

After the betting period ends, a video animation of the roulette wheel's result will be displayed. Winners of the round will be announced, indicating the winning option, color, and other relevant details.

Can I buy tokens to participate?

Yes, you can purchase tokens for participation. Tokens are used to place bets within the Roulette Bot games. Details on how to buy tokens and the available payment methods can be found in the "Buy" section of the document.

Are there any taxes or fees?

Yes, there are various taxes applied to different aspects. A portion of the taxes goes towards winners' payouts, community engagement, token buyback and burn, and project development. Refer to the "Token Information" section for a detailed breakdown.

How can I connect with the community?

You can connect with the Roulette Bot community on various platforms, including Twitter and Telegram. Visit the "Socials" section for official links to stay updated and engage with fellow players.

What if I encounter issues or have more questions?

If you encounter any issues or have further questions, you can reach out to our support team. Contact information is provided in the "Contact and Support" section for direct assistance.

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