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Phase 1: The Foundation

  • Release the RouletteBot Beta: Launch the initial version of the RouletteBot for user testing and feedback.
  • Release Token: Introduce the $ROULETTEBOT token as the primary medium of exchange within the ecosystem.
  • Build Our Initial Community: Establish a strong community of early adopters and enthusiasts.
  • Conduct Initial Market Campaign: Kickstart our marketing efforts to attract a wider audience.
  • Establish a Feedback Mechanism: Implement a system for collecting user feedback for continuous improvement.

Phase 2: Expansion and Diversification

  • Start Our Referral System: Reward users for bringing new players into the ecosystem.
  • Create Other Player vs House Game Modes: Introduce new games where players can bet against the house.
  • Create Other Player vs Players Game Modes: Add more interactive games that allow players to compete against each other.
  • Get Listed on Different Listing Platforms: Increase the project's visibility by getting listed on various crypto platforms.
  • Listing on Centralized Exchanges: Make the $ROULETTEBOT token accessible through major centralized exchanges.

Phase 3: Community Engagement and Sustainability

  • Introduce Leaderboard with Rewards: Implement a ranking system that rewards top players.
  • Start Bet Competition Mechanism: Introduce competitive betting features.
  • Implement Cashback for All Bets: Reward players by returning a percentage of their bets.
  • Create Buyback and Burn Mechanism with Casino Profits: Use profits to buy back and burn tokens, increasing scarcity and value.
  • Create Betting Solutions for Other Big Tokens in Partnership with RouletteBot: Expand the ecosystem by integrating other major tokens.