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Roulette Bot
  • Token Name: RouletteBot
  • Symbol: $ROULETTEBOT
  • Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000 (10 Million)
  • 5% - Buys & Sells (2.5% Marketing, 2.5% Development)

Utility Token:

The $ROULETTEBOT tokens are not just a medium of exchange within the game; they are an investment in the RouletteBot ecosystem. As a token holder, you're not only a player but also a stakeholder. Your tokens give you a share in the project's revenue, generated from the roulette games. The more tokens you hold, the larger your share in the profits.

Revenue Sharing:

We allocate a portion of our marketing wallet specifically for revenue sharing with our token holders. This means that a percentage of the profits generated from the roulette games will be distributed back to you. Your share is directly proportional to the number of tokens you hold, making your investment in RouletteBot a source of passive income.

Token Burns and Buybacks:

To maintain a healthy token economy and increase scarcity, we will regularly perform token burns and buybacks. These actions are funded by the tokens we accumulate from bets. By reducing the overall supply, each remaining token inherently gains value, benefiting all token holders.

Engagement and Rewards:

Beyond financial incentives, we aim to build a vibrant community around RouletteBot. Token holders can suggest new features, vote on key decisions, and more. Additionally, active participation in games and community contributions will earn you various rewards, enhancing your gaming experience.
Join us in embracing the excitement, contributing to the community, and being an integral part of this journey!